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You've just finished up that Java program you've been working on for a while. You sit back in your chair and feel proud of yourself. It's now time to show your finished work to the boss. Half an hour later he calls you into the office. "What's this?" he asks as he holds up one of the floppies that you proudly gave him just a little while ago. You try to hide the confusion and fear in your voice as you answer. "It's the application I've been working on. It's finished, and I just wanted you to have a look at it." He gestures you to his side of the desk. You watch him open the application on his machine. It opens just fine, but as soon as he begins to use it, it slows down, way down. Almost to a complete stop. "I thought it was hanging up my system," he says to you as he munches his sandwich, "but after I came back from getting my food, it started to run - a little bit... (more)

Microsoft UDDI SDK 2.0

One of the least appreciated standards in the Web services world is Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration - UDDI. The concepts of the UDDI standard are fairly simple - link Web service consumers to providers. If you are a provider, you want to advertise who you are, the nature of your services, and technical information regarding the types of interfaces you provide. For a consumer, you want to be able to quickly look up services according to what type of business you are interested in, the type of service, and other factors. Like anything these days, what sounds simple gets rather complicated, and as a system developer you need to be an expert in various Web technologies, including HTTP and XML protocols. Luckily, we have development toolkits to make it easier for the average Joe (like me) to get the job done. This review will not only help you understa... (more)

Microsoft Reengineers Visual Studio Pricing, Tweaks MSDN Subscription Levels

.NET Developer's Journal Exclusive: Betting on Managed Code - Q&A with S. Somasegar, VP, Developer Division, Microsoft The Partner Program Points Dicussion: S. Somasegar, Corporate VP of Microsoft's Developer Division Responds"With Visual Studio 2005 Team System, Microsoft introduces features and technologies to support application development through all phases of the software life cycle, from development to deployment," said S. "Soma" Somasegar, corporate vice president of the Developer Division at Microsoft, as Microsoft yesterday detailed pricing and licensing terms for Visual Studio 2005 as well as the simplification of its Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) subscriptions. "In addition," Somasegar continued, "more accessible tools pricing for small businesses and simplification of MSDN subscription levels for our enterprise customers will enable Microsoft to de... (more)

Microsoft .NET Developers Launch

"Every once in a while, I'm reminded what a great company Microsoft is ... and what great people I work with," states Houston, TX-based J Sawyer (pictured), Microsoft developer evangelist for the Gulf Coast district. He was in Austin at the weekend, helping go live with Sawyer blogged on Sunday: "Everyone here is spending their holiday weekend, working until the wee hours of the morning, to build this site and make it available. It went from an initial vision on Wednesday at 11 PM to an initial live version now. And we're not done yet." He continued: "Not only are we doing the web site, but we're also working on a Smart Client application that aid workers will be able to use to enter the information about survivors. It's been a lot of work. It's also been a lot of fun ... especially working with this great bunch of guys up here. And ... it is, w... (more)

OpenSocial: "It's Good for Developers" Says Google's Joe Kraus

Google saw a problem with the way social networks were going, according to Joe Kraus, Director of Product Management, and OpenSocial was its way of overcoming it. Till now, to get an application to run on all the diferent social networks a developer had to customize their application for each one. "When your 'development team' is just one or two people," notes Kraus, "the proliferation of APIs forces you to make tough choices, because you can't do that much one-off work." "When developers can't afford to do the work to make their applications work on a certain social network, the people using those networks lose out," Kraus added. That's why Google introduced OpenSocial, he continued, allowing developers to write an application once that will run anywhere that supports the OpenSocial APIs, be it MySpace,, Friendster, hi5, Hyves, imeem, LinkedIn, Ning, Ora... (more)

Google, Akamai, and VMware: Cloud Computing's Top Three?

What are the three companies expected to benefit most from the cloud computing boom? One answer would be Google, Akamai, and VMware - according anyway to the Rule Breakers newsletter run by the founder of The Motley Fool, Dave Gardner. "At Motley Fool Rule Breakers, we believe cloud computing will massively disrupt the desktop computing industry that came before it -- and we think three stocks, in particular, will profit handsomely from the shift," writes Tim Beyers, who adds: "Cloud computing is to storing and processing data what the electrical grid is to plugging in your television: a scalable way to deliver services while matching supply and demand across the grid." But SYS-CON's Cloud Computing Journal would most certainly add Amazon to the list of the heaviest heavy-hitters in cloud computing. In fact, right now there are as many as fifty companies highly activ... (more)

Appirio Predicted Windows Azure Disappointment in 2009

Windows Azure at Cloud Expo Exactly one year ago one startup cloud outfit posted a press release on their website with their 2009 cloud computing predictions for 2009. Here is their press release from a year ago to see how they did with their top 10 cloud predictions. "As the year (2008) draws to a close, many companies are left wondering what next year will bring for this year's hottest technology trend -- cloud computing. To answer these questions, today released its top 10 predictions for how cloud computing will evolve in 2009 and the impact those trends will have on IT and business. Appirio is a leading on-demand product and professional services company, and one of the fastest growing companies in the cloud computing space. "Appirio's predictions reveal that in spite of our current economy, cloud computing will continue to see strong growth and investment ove... (more)

Silverlight Polling Duplex Channel is NOT a Scalable Solution

First, let's talk about the problem that Polling Duplex solves. Polling Duplex is a special WCF channel that is available only to Silverlight. When your Silverlight application needs data from the server, it needs it in one of two different ways: On-Demand : Something in your application happens and it needs data. It specifically asks the server for that data upon encountering the need for that data. This is what most people think of as "pull" data. Push : This is where you need data sent to your application as the data becomes available and the overhead of setting up a timer on which you pull (or poll) for data is unacceptable to you. The main reason why this is unacceptable to people is because there may be frequent periods of time where the pull/poll has no data, which means your app will be occupying server resources every X seconds even when there is nothing t... (more)

Taking A Table Over to MySQL From MS Access

MySQL was bought by SUN. SUN agrees to be bought by Oracle. It's big fish eating tiny fish. May be not that tiny either. But MySQL has a large coterie of lovers and it is the largest open source database product. As it always happen people are restless. There is always a need for moving things from here to there and there to here. We live in a dynamic world. Here is an article that shows how you can move data from MS Access 2003 to MySQL. The XAMPP shipped MySQL is used. In this article the built-in method of exporting tables in Microsoft Access is explored to take a table in Microsoft over to MySQL, the open source database product that changed hands recently. This article steps you through the process with a number of screen shots to guide you along the way. Exporting data from MS Access to MySQL ... (more)

Improving jQuery’s JSON Performance and Security

When you’re working with JSON, performance and security are often opposing, yet equally important concerns. One of these areas of contention is handling the JSON strings returned by a server. Most JavaScript libraries do a great job of abstracting away the details, but the underlying process has long been a frustrating exercise in compromise. On one hand, eval() is the fastest widely available method, but it is not safe. On the other hand, textual JSON parsers written in JavaScript may be much safer, but are dramatically slower. In client-side situations, where milliseconds count, such a large performance overhead is typically too prohibitive to accept. Recently, an exciting new alternative has emerged: browser-native JSON parsing. Integrating JSON parsing as part of the browser’s implementation of JavaScript allows for using the more secure parsing method, and eve... (more)

OMG, Microsoft Releases Code under the GPL

Pass the smelling salts. Microsoft Monday released 20,000 lines of device driver code to the Linux community under the GPL 2 license, the mother of all open source licenses written when open source was still a pup by the brassbound Free Software Foundation. The company itself admits the shock, horror move “would have been unheard of from Microsoft a few years ago” and puts it down to customer demand. According to Tom Hanrahan, director of Microsoft’s Open Source Technology Center, “Customers have told us that they would like to standardize on one virtualization platform, and the Linux device drivers will help customers who are running Linux to consolidate their Linux and Windows servers on a single virtualization platform, thereby reducing the complexity of their infrastructure.” In other words, Microsoft is sacrificing its religious convictions to its pocketbook. ... (more)